Monday, February 13, 2012

mmm mmm good

So I finally was able to see Stephen for the first time this semester about a week ago. It was great catching up. We had some delicious soup (which he made) and then we played a close chess match where I narrowly came out in the end. The real funny thing (this shows how much he avoids me) is that we discovered we could have lunch ever Monday, Wednesday, Friday.... its only half way into the semester haha. well sorry this isnt funny or anything but I thought id throw out an update

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is this permission?

Stephen said, "You can kill me..."
I'm a little worried about the stress that school is putting on him... look at this picture

yes he is hugging our new vacuum cleaner...I guess whatever floats your boat.
for those of you worried about me cutting off the end of his sentences here is the full quote from above:
"You can kill me in my sleep and I won't even wake up until I'm dead" you tell me I shouldn't be worried